Friday, October 7, 2011

So You Think You Can Camp?

Camp with three kids, that is?  Yeah, do that and then tell me about your experience.  Seriously though, all whining aside, camping with kids can be a great time had.  We drove down to Barren River Lake State Resort Park and Campground a couple of weeks ago and got to enjoy the pleasant temperatures...50's at night, high 70's during the day.  We didn't have the distraction of televisions, internet and even phone calls (our signal was back and forth) so we actually had conversations and laughed, and teased each other.  As seen above, the kids even cooked their own dinner!

Bike riding, walking down to the lake and all those trips (up hill) to the restroom, certainly had us burning a lot more calories than if we were simply sitting at home. 

Get out there before it's too cold!  Fall is the perfect time of year for enjoying the great outdoors, in my opinion.  To me, there's nothing quite like sitting around a camp fire at night, the chill in the air, and my Snuggie.

Yeah, I've got a ZEBRA Snuggie.  So what?  It keeps me warm and cozy. 

Visit your local campgrounds and remember to admire the stunning nature that surrounds us.  When you take away all the distractions in your life, it's amazing how much you see what's really important. 

Don't forget the marshmallows.

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