Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prizer Point: Great View, But Guard Your Wallet!

View from the campsite.  My husband and stepson throwin' a line.
Location:  Cadiz, KY, Western Region

We made another trip to Lake Barkley this summer by going out on a limb at Prizer Point.  I say that because the prices were unbelievably high, more than we've ever paid for a campsite.  For our prime site on the water, we paid $90 per night! 

Now, the site itself was beautiful, as you can see from the photos.  We were right on the water, the sunsets were ours (along with everyone else we shared the shore line with) and fishing was just a few steps away -- no packing up the tackle box and driving to a separate location. 

But, with the cost associated with this campground, I guess I expected more.  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It's camping.  We brought our kids and thought how much they would enjoy all the amenities described on the website, figuring the extraordinary costs would be well worth the splurge.  Free high speed wi-fi, a game room full of arcades and air hockey, a swimming pool and mini-golf.  How nice would that be?  After all, we'd spend the money easily on those activities combined, right?

Well, considering the wi-fi was unattainable and "fair" at best, the game room had broken machines, some which were not marked "out of order" and took my daughter's quarters.  Imagine the disappointment when we found the air hockey table in the back room and the trash talk had already begun on who'd beat who, we put the fifty cents into the slots and heard the hiss of the air escape the table, ready for action!  Only...where's the disc?  "Mommy, is the disc on your side?" 

"Nope, are you sure it's not on your side?  No?"  Guess they took the meaning of air hockey literally.

The swimming pool was nice and refreshing but it got a little crowded, especially when about a dozen or so adults got in with their frosty beers.  Okay, that's fine, drink your beer, but keep it to your campsite and please do not slurp on it whilst in the same darn pool my daughters are swimming in.  Thank you very much. 

Finally, a staff member showed up and told the people they weren't allowed to drink while in the pool.  You'd figure adults well over the age of forty would know that.  Guess it takes a genius.  Sorry, people annoy me sometimes.  Did I mention this campground is REALLY crowded?  Every single site was full.  It's not that I didn't expect that -- I know weekends run busy -- but if you are looking for more privacy, or quiet, this is not the place for that.  I would recommend the state park at Lake Barkley instead.  At least the sites there are set up where you aren't constantly observing another site.  They appear more private and are in a more wooded setting. 

Mini-golf.  Sigh.  Where do I begin?  This "course" was a joke.  It's probably the worst mini golf course I've seen.  Ever.  Looks like someone took a bunch of plywood, covered them in astro turf, put some creepy animal statues up as decor and called it a day. 

By the way, the mini golf and jumping pillow (like a big trampoline) are NOT included in the cost of camping.  You've got to purchase a wrist band for an additional $10 per person to "enjoy" these amenities.  Can you hear the cash register ringing in your ears? 

A nice thing to mention:  When my husband went to purchase firewood, the assisting staff was a really nice young man who told us he felt like the cost was a rip-off for what we got.  The normally $5 per bundle of wood was given to us, courtesy of him.  Not sure if that's safe to say here since it probably wasn't his call to do so, but either way, when you're getting sympathy of costs from the staff, that's usually not a good sign.  All in all, we enjoyed a fantastic camp fire and were able to roast our marshmallows. 

  • Really, and I mean really awesome lake side campsites. 
  • Children will love this place and will most likely see it with a less critical eye
  • Friendly staff (we got escort service to our camp site, but I've received the same service at state park campgrounds)
  • Bathrooms were rather clean
  • Cell phone reception - no problems sending or receiving text messages
  • Wi-fi available, but iffy reception, and couldn't obtain it during much of our stay (two nights)
  • Outdoor movie screen -- no extra charge.  We enjoyed this feature (Shrek II) very much.  Walk up, bring your own snacks and blanket.  Family friendly movies.  
  • Terribly expensive.  Not worth the costs we paid.
  • Crowded, popular place. 
  • I felt the Prizer Point website didn't live up to their glorious website.  Never pump up your customers'/guests' expectations to come visit you and then offer them half-a**ed amenities. 
However, we plan to return next summer mainly for the great view and the fun our kids had, but are going to plan a through-the-week visit.  Weekends are too crazy.

New thing we tried this camp out:  Those HUGE marshmallows at the grocery.  If you try them, break them in half before roasting.  If you try and roast a whole one, they'll only cook on one side and will most likely fall off into the fire.  Break them in two and they roast beautifully and oh my goodness, they are terrific in s'mores. 

Next camping trip, I'm just ready to chill out by the fire and enjoy the sounds of nature.  I don't want all of the activities Prizer Point offers when I'm camping.  If you have kids, then this place may be for you, but if you're just a couple looking for some quiet time, look elsewhere. 

Visit for more info.  This is a KOA campground. 

Twilight on the lake.

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